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Smakula Fretted instruments is on its way back to regular business. As you know, we have been shipping instruments and parts throughout the pandemic. We are again accepting banjo, guitar, mandolin and minor fiddle repairs. For the safety of our staff, we can not invite people into the shop, but we now have a heated camper trailer in front of the shop for repair drop off and pickup, as well as a place to test instruments we have for sale.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we all work through the details of the new normal.

Please stay safe.

Bob Smakula

New Banjo Parts

(TOS) indicates temporarily out of stock


Gotoh (pronounced Go-Toe) tuners are manufactured in Japan with highest quality standards. Their planetary banjo tuners require a 3/8" hole (10 mm) and can accommodate pegheads with a thickness of 7/16" to 5/8".

Gotoh Banjo and Ukulele planet tuners quantity discounts are available. Order 5 or more sets of any style (mix & match), you receive a 10% discount.
Need more than 5 sets? Please inquire for bulk pricing. Up to a 25% discount.
Need just one single peg? No problem. Please inquire.

Gotoh 2 Band Planetary Banjo Tuners with black, creamy white, or pearloid knob. The smoothest banjo tuner made and a very reasonable price.

Set of 4 Nickel Plated planet banjo tuners; $65
Set of 4 Gold Plated planet banjo tuners; $79

Gotoh Raw Brass Planetary Banjo Tuners. These are the same as our nickel, gold, & X-gold tuners, but without any plating. We stock them with Gotoh's black and creamy white knobs.

Set of 4 Raw Brass planet banjo tuners; $75
X-gold plated 5th tuner, an excelent match to the raw brass planet tuners; $17 Photo

Gotoh Geared 5th String Tuner. Your choice of black, creamy white, or pearloid knob;
Nickel Plated 5th tuner; $12
Gold plated 5th tuner; $15
X-Gold 5th tuner; $17

Gotoh Aged Nickel Finish Planet Banjo Tuners. Having noticed that Gotoh does the most accurate aged nickel finish for their guitar parts, we asked them to do the same with their banjo tuners. The samples were perfect as are the tuners from our continuous orders.
Set of 4 Aged nickel planets; $70
Aged Nickel 5th Tuner; $13
Please specify your choice of Gotoh's black or creamy white plastic knob. Grained ivoroid, amber plastic, and ebony knobs to fit these tuners are available at additional cost.

Gotoh X-Gold Planets & Matching Fifth Tuner. In our quest for the ever-popular raw brass parts, Gotoh suggested their X-gold finish. This gold color looks very much like raw brass, but being gold, it is resistant to corrosion and the color will stay the same. Only available here at Smakula Fretted Instruments. Black knob is standard. Gotoh's creamy white or pearloid knob can be substituted at no additional cost.
Set of 4 X-Gold planet banjo tuners; $117
X-Gold 5th tuner; $17

Gotoh Black Chrome Planet banjo tuners. All visible metal parts are black. Comes standard with a black or creamy white knob.
Set of 4 Black Chrome planet banjo tuners; $89
Black Chrome 5th tuner; $17
Black Chrome tuners Photo

Narrow Shaft Planet Banjo Tuners by ABM of Berlin, Germany. Inspired by the original Planet banjo tuners made by Ludwig in the 1920's, these German made tuners are the perfect upgrade to your vintage instrument. The shaft diameter is 7.5mm (.290"), making it a little bigger than 9/32" (.281"). They can accommodate peghead thicknesses from 3/8" to 9/16". The gear ratio is 4 to 1. Prices are per set of 4. Photos

Our custom made long shaft ABM tuners can accommodate 1/2" to just under 3/4" peghead thicknesses. If you need a full 3/4", please request a thin fiber washer to replace the OEM metal washer. For tapered pegheads, as on A.C. Fairbanks banjos, we recommend 2 standard length ABM and 2 long shaft ABM. Nickel plated and gold plated are in stock. Sorry, raw brass long shaft ABM tuners are not available. Prices are the same as our standard ABM planet tuners. Please specify standard or long shaft when ordering.

Nickel plated with pearloid knob; $140
Nickel plated with grained ivoroid, ebony wood. imitation tortoise shell, or amber colored knob; $150
Nickel Plated with no knob (if you want to install your original vintage knobs, the tuner shaft may have to be filed slightly) $135
Gold Plated with no knob; $225 (TOS)
Gold plated with pearloid knob; $235. (TOS)
Gold plated with grained ivoroid, ebony wood, imitation tortoise, or amber colored; $245. Gold plated ABM tuners with the standard length shaft are in stock, but only 2 Single Gold Plated long Shaft ABM Tuners are available

Narrow Shaft Planet Banjo Tuners, Raw Brass Finish, By ABM, Berlin. An excelent complement to your banjo with the raw brass hardware. Prices per set of 4; Photos

Raw brass with pearloid knob; $135
Raw brass with grained ivoroid, ebony wood, imitation tortoise, or amber colored knob; $140

Schaller Geared 5th string banjo tuner, Nickel Plated. Pearloid knob: $34
Schaller Geared 5th string banjo tuner, Nickel Plated. Upgraded with grained ivoroid, dark tortoise color, amber color, or ebony knob; $39
Schaller Geared 5th string banjo tuner, Gold Plated. Pearloid knob: $52
Schaller Geared 5th string banjo tuner, Gold Plated. Upgraded with grained ivoroid, dark tortoise color, amber color, or ebony knob; $57
Schaller Geared 5th tuner modified for left handed banjo, the only left hand banjo geared 5th tuner available; $44. (TOS)
Schaller 5th Photo

Tuner knobs, also called buttons, for banjo tuners; We have them manufactured in a vintage shape to fit Gotoh, Waverly, Five-Star, ABM, & Schaller planetary and fifth tuners.
Amber colored tuning knobs $5 each. Photo
Dark Tortoise Color Tuning Knob, $5 each, Photo
Grained Ivoroid tuning knobs $5 each, Photo
Ebony Tuning knob, $5 each
Gotoh original equipment knobs for planetary and fifth tuners. Black, creamy white, and pearloid available $3 each. Pearloid knobs for planet tiners are temporarily out of stock. More arriving in mid May.Photo

Keystone shaped knobs for Gotoh Planet and fifth tuners. Available in grained Ivoroid. pearlescent, amber, and tortoise colors. Photos

Gotoh Planet Ukulele Tuners. Gotoh has done it again. They now offer the precision gearing of their 4 to one planet banjo tuners in a smaller, lighter package for ukuleles. Anyone that has struggled with friction tuners on their uke will be grateful to have this non-fussy tuner. The set of 4 weighs only 58 grams (about 2 ounces) they are significantly lighter than the 140 grams (about 5 ounces) of the banjo planet tuners. Gotoh Planet Uke Tuners require a 3/8" (10mm) hole in the peghead. We stock mostly the UPTL that can accommodate pegheads 13/32" to 1/2" thick. We stock some Gotoh Planet Uke Tuners in the slightly shorter UPT model. They accommodate pegheads 11/32" to 7/16" thick.

We offer the following metal finish options with a choice of black tulip, creamy white oval, or black oval tuner knob Price is per set of 4;
Chrome finish, $65
Black Chrome finish; $79
Gold finish; $82
X-Gold finish, to match banjo ukes with raw brass hardware, availaible in UPTL only; $110.
Gotoh Uke Tuner Photo



New Carved Bone 5-string Banjo Tailpiece. Inspired by the original equipment found on Fairbanks banjos before 1900. $45. Optional tailpiece hanger bolt & nut is $5. When ordering tailpiece bolt, please specify long (2-1/4") or short (1-3/8") Photo

Ebony banjo tailpiece blanks. These are profiled and ready for you to do the final shaping and drilling holes for strings and attachment; $8 each. Photo
We reccomend a Kevlar tailpiece loop for attachment to your banjo; $3 each

No-Knot 5 string tailpiece, Nickel Plated. Made in China, $10 each.
Unplated raw brass No-Knot 5 string banjo tailpiece made in China $12
5-String Cammed No-Knot. A faithful reproduction of the original. Highly reccommended for use with gut or nylon strings. 2 left. When they're gone, they're gone. Nickel Plated. Made in the US. $60
6 string No-Knot tailpiece for guitar banjo, made in Canada, Nickel Plated; $34
4 string No-Knot tailpiece for tenor or plectrum banjo, made in Canada,.Nickel Plated.; $32, Raw Brass; $28
Photo of all No-Knots

Tensionator Tailpiece. Made by ABM of Berlin Germany. Similar to the pre-war Oettenger tailpieces found on Bacon and other banjos, these tailpieces offer individual tension adjustment for each string. Photos
ABM has informed us they have discontinued the Tensionator tailpiece line. When these are gone, we will not be able to reorder. Get them while you can!

4 string, Nickel plated; $120
4 string. Gold plated; $180 Sold Out.
5 string. Nickel plated; $130 Sold Out.
5 string. Gold plated; $190
5-string unpolished raw brass; $120
5-string highly polished raw brass; $140

Kershner reproduction, nickel plated, made in Japan. An excelent reproduction of the original; $45, Photo

Waverly reproduction; No cover, Nickel plated, $25 Photo
Presto style, adjustable, nickel plated; $35
Presto reproduction, non-adjustable, $25 Photo


Vintage Style wire armrests, nickel plated brass. Made for 11" rims, but can be gently bent to other sizes. $18. Photos
Vintage Style wire armrests, unpolished, unplated brass; Made for 11" rims, The wire on this production run is much stiffer than the previous run. and dificult to bend to smaller or larger sizes $15.
Vega style, nickel plated rolled brass sheet metal. Fits 11" diameter banjo rims only; $8 (TOS)
Mastertone style,
one leg, nickel plated steel, fits 11" rims with 24 hooks. $15.
Mastertone style,
one leg, nickel plated brass, fits 11" rims with 24 hooks. $22

Neck Attachment Hardware

Vega Style dowelstick Neck attachment. Cast brass U collar with screw, backing plate, and pin. $35 for the set. Photos We also offer this set in raw brass for $25. Photos

Banjo Hook & Nut sets

New Reproduction Cobra Hook with 9/32" ball End Nut. $5 each Photo

Banjo Fifth String Nuts;

1/8" cylinder with rounded top, made of bone; $5 each
1/8" cylinder with rounded top, made of galaith; $1 each
Faribanks/Vega decorative 5th nut; $8 each
Fifth String Nut Photos
Bone nut blank for banjo; $4 each

5th String Railroad Spike Capos;

Dimensions are aproxomately .036" diameter, .340 " length, .030" head thickness.
Bag of 10: $1
Bag of 100: $5

Banjo Bracket Wrenches;

For hex nuts. 5/16", 9/32" and 1/4"; $8 each
For 1/4" square nuts; $12 each
Generic brass clock key, .150" square, fits Ludwig Top Tension Banjos, $7

Banjo Bridges

Banjo Bridges; Made in Germany. 3 leg, maple with ebony top for 5-string banjo. Heights available; 1/2", 9/16", 5/8". 11/16". & 3/4"; $5 each
Banjo Bridges; Stamped Grover. 2 leg, maple with ebony top for 5-string banjo. Only 5/8" available; $5 each.
Banjo Bridges; Made in Germany. 3 leg, maple with ebony top for 4-string banjo. Heights available; 1/2", 9/16". 5/8". $5 each
Banjo Bridges; Made in Germany. 2 leg, maple with ebony top for 4-string banjo. Heights available; 1/2", 9/16"; $5 each. Reccommended for Banjo Uke.


Steel Banjo Strings;
D'Addario EJ60
Light gauge banjo string set for 5-string banjo; $6.00
D'Addario EJ61
Medium gauge banjo string set for 5-string banjo; $6.00
D'Addario EJ63
Jazz tenor banjo string set for 4-string banjo; $6.00.
Smakula Fretted Instruments custom Irish tenor banjo string set for 17 fret 4-string banjo;
$7.00. Includes; .011", .018", .030"w. .040"w
Smakula Fretted Instruments custom Irish tenor banjo string set for 19 fret 4-string banjo; $8.00. Includes; .012", .020"w, .026"w. .038"w
LaBella BG-110 loop end guitar banjo strings; $15 per set

Nylon Banjo Strings;
Aquilla Nylgut
1B Nylon 5-string banjo, medium gauge, red 4th; $10
Aquilla Nylgut
2B Nylon 5-string banjo, light gauge, red 4th; $10
Aquilla Nylgut
5B Nylon 5-string banjo, medium gauge, all Nylgut $9
Aquilla Nylgut
6B Nylon 5-string banjo, light gauge, all Nylgut; $9
Aquilla Nylgut
7B Nylon 5-string banjo, minstrel gauge, all Nylgut, for low minstrel tuning; $11
Aquilla Nylgut
11B Nylon 5-string banjo, medium gauge, all red series strings; $11

We ship most of our instruments via UPS. Cost to ship a mandolin is $20 to $40. Cost to ship a guitar or banjo is $25 to $60. The cost of insurance is extra. We will be happy to quote before shipping.

Small goods like banjo heads and other parts cost $8 per order for Priority Mail shipping in the continental US no matter what the order size. The cost of orders headed out of the continental US will be quoted before they are shipped.

Sales Tax
We are legally obligated to charge 6% West Virginia sales tax on anything purchased here at the shop or shipped within the state of West Virginia. We do not charge sales tax on orders sent out of state.

To Order
Call us at 304-636-6710. For payment we accept checks, wire transfers and MasterCard & Visa. If you prefer Paypal, please send us an email requesting a Paypal invoice.

Occasionally a customer will let us know that the "Contact Us" button will not work on their computer. If you have that problem, please use sfi<at>smakula<dot>com You will have to change the <at> and <dot> to @ and .