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Vintage Banjo Parts

We stock thousands of vintage parts. Mostly for banjos, but we have a few things for acoustic guitars, mandolins and fiddles. A small sampling is listed here. If you don't see your need listed, Do Not Call, but please email us. To help speed up the process, kindly attach a clear close-up jpeg (100 to 200 K file size please) of your desired part and any important measurements. I'll reply promptly.


Vintage Style Wire Banjo Armrest; An excelent and affordable reproduction of the wire armrests found on many prewar openback banjos. The slotted adjustable legs fit most banjos with traditional shoe, hook, & nut design.
Nickel plated brass. Made for 11" rims, but can be gently bent to other sizes. $18.
Unpolished, unplated brass; Made for 11" rims. The wire on this production run is much stiffer than the previous run and dificult, but ultimately possible, to bend to smaller or larger sizes $15.
Wire Armrest Photos

Banjo Tailpieces

Early 1900's No-Knot.
Top lip trimmed so it does not extend over tension hoop. $80. Photos
Early 1900's Cook's Patent Sure Grip, also known as Cammed No-Knot. Swivel cams at the string holders make this perfect for gut and nylon strings. 2 available.$150 each Photos
Elite 5-string tailpiece. As seen on Cole amd Orpheum banjos $75 Photos
1980's Tallon Tailpiece. Individual fingers for each string. High quality reproduction; $100 Photos
New Carved Bone 5-string Banjo Tailpiece. Inspired by the original equipment found on Fairbanks banjos before 1900. $45. Optional tailpiece hanger bolt & nut is $5. Specify long bolt (2-1/4") or short bolt (1-3/8") Photo


Tuners and Tuner Parts

Vintage Ivoroid Tuning Pegs. We usually have several different shades of Celluloid grained knobs made from 1900 to 1935. Matching sets are rarely available, but please inquire. $15 each Photo
Vintage Celluloid Tuning Pegs, New Old Stock. Celluloid non-grained knobs made arround 1925. These are banjo tuning pegs that have never been installed on a banjo. Currently we have 31 of these pegs available, $20 each. Photo
Beaded Celluloid banjo friction pegs. 2 sets of 5 available, $150 per set; Photos
Beaded Celluloid banjo friction pegs. Set of 4 peghead tuners, $120; Photos
Grained Ivoroid Tuning Peg, Beaded Edge. Shaved down from original diameter. Good for 5th tuners. $15 each. Photo
Grained Ivoroid Tuning Peg,
Beaded Edge, singles. $30 each. Photo

Maltese Cross Banjo Friction Pegs, Set of 5, $150; Photo
1900's Inlaid Grained Ivoroid Tuning Pegs, Square Knob. 3 for peghead available $50 Each: Photo. One 5th available $50; Photo. One repaired example for peghead. Good for a place holder. $20; Photo
1890's Carved Bone 5th Tuner as used on high end Fairbanks Electric banjos. $150 Photo
1910's Screw Tension Friction Tuners. With grained ivoroid knobs. As seen on 90% of all banjos made from 1900 to 1930. Set of 5 $100 Photos
1920's Screw Tension Friction Tuners. With grained ivoroid knobs. As seen on 90% of all banjos made from 1900 to 1930. 4 sets currently available. $75 per set of 4 Photos
1920's screw tension friction tuners by Elton. Grained ivoroid knobs. $75. Photos

1920's Screw Tension Friction Tuners with Knurled String Lock Screws & grained ivoroid knobs. $80 Sold Out. Photos
1920's Small Screw Tension Friction tuners. Smaller grained ivoroid knobs than above. 3 sets available; $50 per set of 4 Photos
1920's Champion Uke tuners, grained ivoroid knobs, set of 4; $75 Photo

1920's Gold plated screw tension friction tuners, Set of 4, with original mother-of-pearl knobs. $240 Photo
1920's Screw Tension Friction Tuners with Modern Amber Colored Knob. Set of 4; $20 Several sets available. Photos
1900's Champion Banjo Tuners, Stamped with patent date, May 8, '88. Set of 5, $125; Sorry, Sold. Photo

Geared Tuners

1920's Grover Deluxe Two-Band Tuner, with extra engraving.
3/8" shaft, grained ivoroid knob. One available; $100, Photos
Grover Offset Pancake Tuners. Require 2 screws for mounting. Only one available $40; Photo
1980's Schaller Planet Tuners, Gold Plated, Large tightening knob. $40 each Photos
Elton Planet Tuners. Made from the 1950's through the 1970's. We currently have many single tuners available. Looking for a single Elton tuner? Send us a picture of yours for the best match. $15 Each 1960's Photo
Elton Planetary tuners. Set of 4. Chrome plated, white knobs. $50. Sorry, Sold. Photo

Ludwig Planet Tuners; The original small shaft (9/32") planetary banjo tuner. Nickel plated with grained ivoroid knobs; $250 per set. Sorry, Sold. Photos
Do consider our ABM planet tuner with a 7.5 MM diameter shaft. The modern gears are more accurate and smoother turning than the vintage tuners. More information is on our New Banjo Parts web page.
Ludwig Planet Tuners; The grained ivoroid knob is smaller than above. Made for banjo-ukulele. Gold plated; $350 Photos

Banjo Shoes

1920's Vega 1 point shoe (Little Wonder, Style N); $5.00 each Photo
1920's Original Vega 2 pointed shoes; $15 each. Photo
1920's Original Gold Plated Vega 2 pointed shoes; $20 each. Photo
Vega 2-Point Shoes With Decorative Hex Bolt. Nickel Plated, Set of 28; $250, On Hold. Photo
Fairbanks 1900 Reproduction 2-point Shoe; $20 each Photo
Fairbanks Shoe with hex bolt, $10 each Photo
Fairbanks & Cole long 2 pointed shoe. Photo $25 Each.
Buckbee Spread Eagle shoes, with nut attachment; $25 each. Photo
Buckbee Spread Eagle shoes, with screw attachment; $25 each. Photo

Buckbee Shield Stars and Bars shoes $25 each Photo
Buckbee Shield Shoes. Rim attachment screw cast into shoe. $25 each Photo
Buckbee Butterfly Shoe; $30 each Photo
Buckbee Shoes, raw brass. $5 each. Photo
1890's Shoe, similar to some Stewart shoes, but with a smaller, 8-32 slotted screw. Nickel plated brass. $5 each. Photo
Brass Shoes for Banjo. $5 each; Photo
Brass Shoes for Banjo. $5 each; Photo
Brass Shoes for Banjo. $5 each; Photo
1890's Lyon & Healy shoe. Nickel plated brass Photos
J.B. Schall Ball Shoe; $15 each. Photo
1920's Lange Hex Shoe. At .45"face to face, these are a little larger than the common 3/8" hex shoes. $3 each Photo

Hook and nut sets

Original Vega 9/32" ball end nuts with hook nickel plated; $10.00 each. Photo
Original Vega 9/32" ball end nuts with hook silver plated; $10.00 each. Photo
1920's Vega Little Wonder 9/23" nut with Hook, $10 each. Photo
Vega 5/16" hex nut with Hook; $10 each; Photo
1900 Fairbanks 5/16" by 9/16" nut with round brass hook. $10 each. Photo
1890 Fairbanks 5/16" Nut (3/8" tall) with round brass hook, Nickel plated. $10 each. Photo
1890 Fairbanks 1/4" Nut with Short, 1-7/8" Hook.
$10 each.Photo
1890's Cole Cobra Hooks with 9/32" ball end nuts. $25 each. Photo
New Reproduction Cobra Hook with 9/32" ball End Nut. Sold Out.
1960's Vega Bent flat Hook
with 9/32" open ball end nut; $5 each. Photo

Baystate amd Gatcomb Hook with nut. 5/16". $10 each. Sold Out. Photo
Lyon & Healy 5/16" nut with hook. Request L&H Part A. $8 each. Sold Out. Photo
Lyon & Healy 5/16" nut with hook. Request L&H Part B. $8 each. Sold Out. Photo
S.S. Stewart 5/16" nut with hook. One of several styles they used. $10 each. Photo
Paramount Ball End, 9/32" nut with hook, nickel plated, $10 each Photo
Paramount Open knurled end 9/32" nut with flat hook; nickel plated $10.00 each. Photo

Orpheum flat hook with 9/32" closed ball end nut. $10 each. Sold Out. Photo
Lyon & Healy 5/16" Ball Nut with Knurlled Lip. $10 each. Photo
Buckbee, square with long ornament nut, with hook, $25 each. Only one left. Photo
British round hook with 5/16" nut. $10 each. Sold Out. Photo
Gibson Trapdoor. hook & open 1/4" ball end with lip; $10 each. Photo

Dowelstick Neck Attatchment

Fairbanks Banjo Dowelstick neck attachment. Nickel plated brass U collar with backing plate, screw and pin, $100 Photos

Resonators & Resonator Hardware

Vega Individual Flange Plates,
Nickel plated $5 each; Photo


ID Plates

1905 A.C. Fairbanks ID Plate; Original A.C. Fairbanks plate removed from an un-restorable original 5 string banjo, serial number 23173, circa 1905. $250 A very hard to find item. Photo
New Reproduction 1900's A.C. Fairbanks ID Plate;
A reasonable copy of the Fairbanks screw on plate. $15 Photos

Bracket Wrenches

Vega with Star 9/32"; $50 Each Photo
Fairbanks Electric; From early 1900's 9/32"; $150 Each Photo
Generic brass clock key, .150" square, fits Ludwig Top Tension Banjos, $7
New bracket wrenches. 1/4", 9/32", and 5/16" hex; $8 each.
New bracket wrench. 1/4" square; $12 each.


We ship most of our instruments via UPS. Cost to ship a mandolin is $20 to $40. Cost to ship a guitar or banjo is $25 to $60. The cost of insurance is extra. We will be happy to quote before shipping.

Small goods like banjo heads and other parts cost $9 per order for Priority Mail shipping in the continental US no matter what the order size. Micro orders weighing less than 12 ounces and valued less than $50 are usually shipped via first class mail for $6. The cost of orders headed out of the continental US will be quoted before they are shipped.

Sales Tax
We are legally obligated to charge 6% West Virginia sales tax on anything purchased here at the shop or shipped within the state of West Virginia. We do not charge sales tax on orders sent out of state.

To Order
Call us at 304-636-6710. For payment we accept checks, wire transfers and MasterCard & Visa. If you prefer Paypal, please send us an email requesting a Paypal invoice.

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