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1999 Taylor 810 Dreadnaught Guitar. At the end of 1982 Cleveland, Ohio's premier acoustic music shop was preparing to move up the street from the old pizza shop near Euclid Ave. to the newer, bigger location in Little Italy. As the owners were organizing and packing, Mr. Kurt Lustug happened to drop in to the micro music shop to show off the new guitars that he and Bob Taylor were building in San Diego, CA. Needless to say, Pete & Bob were quite impressed and placed an order for a batch of guitars to be delivered to the Little Italy location after the first og yhe year. From that day, until the day the shop closed on 12-31-2006, Goose Acres was an enthusiastic Taylor Guitar dealer, selling hundreds in the 23 year span. This example, made in 1999, is from the original owner who bought it new at 2175 Cornell Road. The 810 model is a dreadnaught guitar with a mahogany neck. The ebony fretboard has a 25.4" scale and tasteful mother of pearl inlays. The body has Indian rosewood back and sides, a Sitka spruce top, and abalone sound hole rosette. It looks great, but what about the sound? Boomy as any dreadnaught, with a clarity on the high end that allow you a cymbal crash tone if you choose when playing a bass-brush technique. The instrument is in excellent condition with the a few minor dings in the top that I suspect are "case bites" from the case lid latches. Look over the pictures and give a call for a hands-on description. Price with the original Taylor hard case is $2,400. Sorry, Sold. Photos

1970's Paracho, Mexico Classical Guitar. Coming from the original owner who purchased it new in Paracho, we know the J. Alvarez label is a fake. But that is part of the charm of this slightly crude, yet great sounding classical guitar. Most of the woods are not easily identifiable by this writer, schooled in the American/European guitar construction traditions. But the neck looks like mahogany, the fretboard is a lighter colored wood, painted black with a 350mm scale. Back and sides are mahogany look-alikes and the top is spruce with some attractive bear claw figure. String height is lowish and there are fret buzzes when played vigorously. All in all, a cool nice sounding nylon string guitar. $500 with a hard case. Photos



We ship most of our instruments via UPS. Cost to ship a mandolin is $30 to $50. Cost to ship a guitar or banjo is $30 to $70. The cost of insurance is extra. We will be happy to quote before shipping.

Small goods like banjo heads and other parts cost $9 per order for Priority Mail shipping in the continental US no matter what the order size. Micro orders weighing less than 12 ounces and valued less than $50 are usually shipped via first class mail for $6. The cost of orders headed out of the continental US will be quoted before they are shipped.

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We are legally obligated to charge 6% West Virginia sales tax on anything purchased here at the shop or shipped within the state of West Virginia. We do not charge sales tax on orders sent out of state.

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