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Ukuleles, Mandolin Banjos, Dulcimers, and Electronic Tuners


2002 Bon Cajun Diatonic Single-Row Button Box Cajun Accordion. From the Iota, Louisianna workshop of Larry Miller we have a hardly played key of C cajun accordion. Made from curly walnut with a red with gold bellows. An exceptionally nice accordion that will make you want to play Perrodin Two-Step as fast as Jo-el Sonnier on his 1980 Rounder release "Cajun Life." Comes with a blue padded gigbag. Sorry, Sold. Photos

1958 Martin Style O Soprano Ukulele. From Patricia, with Love - a story of international intrigue, high octane action, and soprano ukuleles. Here at SFI, we've seen more than our share of cringe-worthy homemade artwork adorning the surfaces of otherwise fine instruments. But in the case of this Martin style O, the non-factory artwork is subtle and endearing. The top features a painting of a bouquet of roses, about the size of a 50 cent coin, and the name "Pat". Lightly scratched into the back of the neck is the following: "Patricia Juncker 8-28-1958." The neck and body are mahogany, with a 13-5/8" scale Brazilian rosewood fretboard. It's outfitted with new Gotoh uke planet tuners, and there's one invisibly repaired top crack. Plays beautifully, with a delicate yet punchy tone. Yours for $650, includes the original alligator chipboard case Photos

1940's Martin style 1C Concert Ukulele. If you were wanting to go as Roy Smeck for Halloween, it's important note that he played Harmony instruments. But, this stunning Martin uke is era-appropriate, and has an overall luxurious vibe sure to satisfy the needs of professional ukulele players both real & pretend. This style 1C is all mahogany, with spruce braces and bound top and back with tortoise shell colored celluloid binding. The fretboard is Brazilian rosewood with 12 frets, and it still has the original Champion tuners with black knobs. A beautifully resonant, well-balanced, well-playing vintage instrument. Yours for $1,350, including the original brown cardboard case by Silbertone of New York City. Photos

1951 Gibson Tenor Ukulele. Mahogany top, back, sides, and neck. More details soon. Photos

1976 Oscar Schmidt 21 chord Autoharp. Now for something a little bit different - it's not terribly out of the ordinary to find an autoharp kicking around shop, but it's not quite our usual fare, either. It's safe to say what autoharps lack in popularity, they make up for in some way which escapes us at this time. Hey, it's a niche instrument, whaddya want? And this particular instrument is in dang fine condition for being almost 50 years old. The felt chord pads are outfitted with silicone rubber for precise playing, and it's finished in attractive orange amber. At $275 with a Harptone hard case, it's a solid instrument at a solid price. Photos

1920s Washburn Banjo-Mandolin. Yes, it's loud. But there is a surprising warmth and nuance to this banjo mandolin that is rare in any eight stringed, banjo head equipped instrument. The 10 3/4" maple rim has a donut style tonering, which would be responsible for any trace of tonal subtlety this instrument has. The well-worn neck has a 13 1/16" scale fingerboard and a 1 3/16" nut width. This would probably make a really nice five-string conversion with some help from your favorite neck craftsman, but if you want your neighbors to "enjoy" your version of "Daybreak in Dixie" too, its perfect as it is. $600 with original hardshell case. Sorry, Sold. Photos

1925 Weymann Style 35 Mandolin-Banjo. This is a clean and interesting piece of Weyman's ingenuity. A 9" maple rim, with clear Remo head and the Weyman patented neck adjuster coupled with a one piece hard maple neck with a 13-7/8" scale fretboard. The big bonus with this instrument is the slip on resonator. Sure it's louder, but you also don't have to feel the neck adjuster dig into your belly when you stand up to play. The straight neck and recently dressed frets make this instrument play like a dream. We also made a custom compensated bridge so it plays in tune. Hmm The best of both worlds? Probably not, but this puppy has the punch to be heard in any jam session. From Jug band to alt rock this one will fit. In excelent condition and the price of $950 includes a boulder alpine gigbag. Photos



Planet Waves NS Micro Tuner.
Original peghead tuner $25
Violin mount; $28
Guitar Soundhole tuner; $28
Banjo mount; $26

Snark, Small chromatic tuner that clips on the peghead of your fiddle, guitar, banjo, or bass. We sell the black & red ones; $20


We ship most of our instruments via UPS. Cost to ship a mandolin is $20 to $40. Cost to ship a guitar or banjo is $25 to $60. The cost of insurance is extra. We will be happy to quote before shipping.

Small goods like banjo heads and other parts cost $9 per order for Priority Mail shipping in the continental US no matter what the order size. Micro orders weighing less than 12 ounces and valued less than $50 are usually shipped via first class mail for $6. The cost of orders headed out of the continental US will be quoted before they are shipped.

Sales Tax
We are legally obligated to charge 6% West Virginia sales tax on anything purchased here at the shop or shipped within the state of West Virginia. We do not charge sales tax on orders sent out of state.

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Call us at 304-636-6710. For payment we accept checks, wire transfers and MasterCard & Visa. If you prefer Paypal, please send us an email requesting a Paypal invoice.

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