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New Enoch Tradesman Banjos In Stock As Of 3-1-2024

Currently we have one Enoch Tradesman banjo available. We are willing to place custom orders. Please Contact us with the features you want and we will let you know when your desired banjo arrives.

Fifth String Railroad Spike capos;
Installed free on request when you buy one of our banjos.

Fretted Tradesman Banjos with 12" rim;
12" Fretted, walnut neck, with scoop. $1,475. Photos
12", Fretted, cherry neck with scoop. $1,475. Sorry, Sold, Photos

Left Handed Tradesman Banjos

12", Fretted, Walnut neck with scoop, left Handed. $1,550. Sorry, Sold, Photos

Fretted Tradesman Banjos with 11" rim;

11" Fretted, cherry neck, with scoop. $1,475. Sorry, Sold
11" Fretted, walnut neck, with scoop. $1,475. Sorry, Sold

Fretless Tradesman Banjos

12" 1/2 fretless, cherry neck, with scoop. $1,675. Sorry, Sold.
12" Flush fret fretless, walnut neck with scoop; $1,450. Sorry, Sold.
12" Fretless, walnut neck neck, with scoop. $1,425. Sorry, Sold. Photos

Lightly Used Enoch Tradesman Banjos available now;
None right now. Check back!

Upgrade from the Enoch gigbag to a Superior brand hard case for only $140!

Enoch Tradesman Banjos On order;

12" fretless, cherry neck and scoop. $1425.
11" Fretted, walnut neck, with scoop. $1,475.